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We are so confident that “Dedicating a Day” will be the one of the BEST gifts ever received and that you will be SO SATISFIED with your decision that we stand behind our product with a 90-day Money Back Guarantee!Why do we offer this guarantee? Because we are that confident that dedicating a day to a loved one is the sweetest and most sincere gift ever created. We also know word of mouth is the best way to spread the word about any product, and we want you to be so happy that you tell your friends and family about us.

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Natalie Churchill

"It’s truly an amazing thing you guys are doing. I dedicated our wedding day and now I want to dedicate my best friend (that has passed) day of birth to his parents. I think they would love something like this. I know they miss him a lot. So thank you for doing this. "

Dedicated April, 19th 2014 as a Remembrance Gift.

Simon Tabchi

"My wife loved this gift for our 1 year anniversary. One of the best gifts a husband could get his wife. Thank you so much for having such a unique gift for us to give!"

Dedicated Oct 5, 2013 as a First Anniversary Gift.

Ranjith Koppu

"I dedicated 02/05/2015 to my beloved wife as our first month anniversary gift. When she first read the certificate, she couldn’t believe how I could come up with such a unique idea of dedicating a day but later she felt very excited about it and started sharing it with our entire family.When everyone heard about it, the only expression they had was “WOW”."

Dedicated Feb 5, 2015 as a First Anniversary Gift.

Jocelyn Tettamanti

"On our anniversary I gave my husband a day registered as our special day. He LOVED it!! My Day Registry provides the most special & unique gifts for any gift giving situation. It’s a gift that remains memorable forever!!"

Dedicated Nov 23, 2002 as a Anniversary Gift.

Autumn West

"I have actually used MyDayRegistry twice now, once for my daughter’s birth date and one for my parents wedding date both of which I gave for Christmas presents. My parents loved it so much and have thw certificate hanging on the wall already. This is one of the most unique, thoughtful and long lasting gifts you could ever give someone and I recommend this to everyone that has a special date in time."

Dedicated Jun 6, 1981 as a Birthday Gift.

Shayla Hobbs

"I picked the particular date because it was my husband and my wedding date, and It was our one year anniversary (which is the paper anniversary). I didn’t know what to get my husband because he is a tech type person, and what do you get a tech type person that is paper. When I saw that I could buy the day that we were married I knew right away that that was what I was going to get him. He loved it! The certificate is framed and hanging in our living room with our wedding photos. Thank you for making our first anniversary special forever!!!"

Dedicated May 9, 2014 as a First Anniversary Gift.

Showing 1-6 of 49 Testimonials