Certificate of Ownership

Where There's a Special Day... There's a Story

Like pictures in a storybook, it's the day's we remember most that add color to our life's story. Which is why we put a lot of thought into the design of the official MyDayRegistry Certificate of Ownership. At first glance you see the people and the dates, but look again, and the certificate's illustration tells a colorful story of its own -how your special day becomes your own at MyDayRegistry.com.

Magnifying Glass

Every day that passes holds important memories. But it's only when we take the time to examine our past that we understand just how special one day is over another. The magnifying glass represents the search for that all-important event or person that deserves a day of dedication.

Ladder People

Part of what makes dedicating a day so special is knowing that the day you choose is yours. The ladder people represent the process of selecting a day and making it your own. So whenever you see the ladder people, think of the person who thought you should have a day dedicated to you.

The Bridge

The bridge that intersects with the laptop represents how so many of us go about finding the perfect gift for our loved ones—through the Internet. The Internet bridges the gap between people and businesses, making way for fun and creative gifts like dedicating a day.

The Gift

The exchange of the gift between the man and the woman (other genders & races available) in the center of the illustration is what MyDayRegistry is all about—the giving of a gift from the heart.

The Laptop

Memories are meant for sharing. The laptop represents the online profile that allows you and your friends and family to take a trip down memory lane at anytime from anywhere. It also signifies the exclusive online registry that ensures your day belongs to you, and you only.

Lines of People

There's no denying that some people in our lives deserve more than an ordinary gift. The folks lined up with their shopping bag in hand represent those of us who go out of our way to recognize our most important friends and family members through the thoughtful gifts we give them.

Planets & Moon

Before the invention of timekeeping devices, we relied on the sun and the moon to track the passing of days, months, and years. The planetary movements and lunar phases are an important part of the history of time, and an integral part of the certificate's illustration.

The Clocks

With every second, minute and hour that passes, our life's story unfolds. While we may live in the present, much of who we are and who we have yet to become resides in our past and our future. And nothing represents this steady flow of time in our lives better than a clock.