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- March 03, 2012

This day has been dedicated to:

Pat & Cassie Hindman

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International Day Registry

Pat & Cassie Hindman's Wedding Day

Date: March 03, 2012

Owner: Pat & Cassie Hindman

Purchased By: Patrick Hindman

Why this day is important:

There are days that come and go like a turning of a page and there are days that never seem to good to end. Those are the days that are the most cherished days because they are not only a great day but that great day becomes the best moments in your life and memories that stay with you forever. On this day i had a day that has lasted for a year even though the day changes on the calendar it still feels like my wedding day the greatest feeling knowing i get to spend every day and every night being your husband. This day will never end as long as i have you my best friend, partner in crime, soul mate and the true love of my life. Happy first anniversary baby i love you
love SB

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