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What Is a Baby Registry? 10 Must-Haves for New Moms

Babies might be small but they sure need a lot of stuff, as you’ll find out when you start compiling your baby registry. Wait, what is a baby registry? 

A baby registry is like a cheat sheet of baby shower gift ideas for your friends and family. These are the items you haven’t yet bought and would like to receive as gifts for your new arrival. Often, if there’s no baby registry, parents-to-be end up without essential items or with multiples of the same gift. 

A baby registry also makes it easier for loved ones to provide you with something practical alongside a more thoughtful gift, such as a special memento of your baby’s birth. 

But what are the kinds of items you should put on your baby registry? From cute baby shower gift ideas to big-ticket items, here are some of the must-haves for new moms and dads. 

1. Practical Diaper Bag

If your girlfriends are stuck for baby shower gift ideas then point them in the direction of a practical yet stylish diaper bag. 

The perfect diaper bag should have plenty of space and different compartments for spare clothes, bibs, toys, diapers, wipes, and a whole lot of other paraphernalia to make sure your baby is clean and content wherever you go. 

2. Multi-function Stroller

If your friends and family want to group together and splash out on something super practical then a multi-function stroller is one item you’re sure to use every day for a few years. 

We’re talking about the kind of stroller that adapts to your baby’s needs and size, combining wheels and a base with a selection of different seats and carriers. Ideally, your stroller will be perfect from day one, with a bassinet-style attachment for newborns, a car seat adaptor, and a regular stroller attachment when they’re ready to sit facing out.  

3. Changing Supplies

There are some baby shower gift ideas that you can never have enough of, with changing supplies like diapers, wipes, and diaper cream being top of the list. 

Don’t forget the changing pad either. Baby shower gift ideas for boy newborns might include a gray or blue pad to match your nursery color scheme while those of you expecting a girl might prefer a lilac or pink pad. But before you worry too much about the color, make sure the one you choose for your registry is wipe-clean and fits the size of your changing station.  

4. Bibs and Muslin Cloths

Bibs and muslin cloths make great baby shower gift basket ideas as they’re decorative but also super practical. 

Bandana bibs are a firm favorite of many parents as they look more like a cute accessory but will also help catch any spit-up, milk, or dribble. And bibs that fasten with metal poppers are the best as your baby won’t be able to tug them off when they get older. 

As for muslin cloths, once baby is here you’ll soon realize at how useful they are. They’re perfect as a makeshift bib, a thin blanket, or for covering your modesty when breastfeeding in public, as well as many more other uses. 

5. Baby Bathtub

Many parents think they can make do with a small washing bowl or may even attempt to wash their baby in the sink. These can be fine when baby is small but they’re no replacement for a multi-use baby bath.

These include a reclining section for smaller babies and a seating area for babies over six months old for hands-free bathing. The best baby bathtubs also come with a stand so that you don’t end up with a painful backache every time you give your baby a bath. 

6. Playtime Floor Mat

Toys and accessories always make for cute baby shower gift ideas but a playtime floor mat is both fun and handy.

Opt for one with black and white patterns to promote brain development during awake time for newborns. You’ll then be able to use this for baby to play and crawl on when they get a little older. 

7. Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are an ideal alternative option for those times when you want to take your baby out but find that a stroller isn’t convenient. And, as well as keeping your arms free and making it easier to tackle stairs, carriers are great for bonding with your newborn. 

Wraps and slings are perfect for younger babies as you can fold them up and store them in your diaper bag. Then, when your baby is bigger you can graduate to a more structured carrier. 

8. Soft Towels and Bathing Supplies

Luxurious bath bombs, oils, and other pampering products always make great gifts, whether it’s to say thank you or to wish someone a happy birthday. 

Likewise, bathing supplies such as good quality hooded towels, baby bath gel, shampoo, and a soft sponge are all must-haves when it comes to baby shower gift basket ideas. Adding bath toys like a squirting rubber duck to your registry will also ensure that bath time is a fun experience for your little one. 

9. Clothing

The types of baby clothing you include on your registry will depend a lot on when your baby is due.

Summer babies won’t need much more than a selection of short-sleeved bodysuits while cotton summer dresses make great baby shower gift ideas for girl newborns. Winter babies, however, will need more newborn clothing to keep them warm and cozy during the first few months.  

Remember to list some bigger sizes on your registry too. This way you’ll have some clothes ready for them to grow into.  

10. Baby Bouncer

While your baby is still small they’ll end up spending a lot of time on their back. To give them a different view as well as a safe place to put baby down while you’re busy, make sure to include a baby bouncer on your registry. 

Fancier bouncers have toys attached while some include a vibrating function, although security and comfort should be your priority when choosing one you like. 

What Is a Baby Registry For? 

For those of you who were wondering, ‘what is a baby registry?’ this guide should give you a better idea of what a registry is for as well as the kinds of items you’ll need to include. 

Of course, in the same way that some people prefer certain birthday gifts to others, there may be some items that you’d rather receive than others. If that’s the case, make sure to put those at the top of your list. 

For more inspiring gift ideas, feel free to contact us for more information. 

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