5 Signs Your First Year of Marriage is Healthy


Getting married can be a lot of work. From planning the wedding and reception to deciding where to go for your honeymoon, it can seem like it’s just a steady stream of things to get done. When it’s all over and you’ve settled into your new life together, there are a few ways to tell whether the stress has gotten to you or whether or not this is truly a marriage meant to last.

Sign 1: You Don’t Hop on the Social Media Monster Constantly

Couples who don’t take to social media often are likely to have very solid marriages during their first year. It’s well known that Facebook has been cited repeatedly in numerous recent divorce proceedings, as people seem to find lost lovers with the click of the mouse when they may not have heard from them in years. Obviously if you’ve got a Facebook or other social media account, you’ll probably post pictures of the wedding and honeymoon, but when you turn to Facebook for other things, it’s never a good sign.

Sign 2: You’re Blissful, Not Blue

Due to the stress of getting married and having spent a ton of time hiring caterers, clergy, and everything else that goes into the mix, it’s not uncommon for people to be so stressed out they get the blues after the wedding. If you’re so into your new spouse that you can’t think of anything but them and your future together, you’re probably more blissful than blue, and this is a great sign you’re on the right track.

Sign 3: Your Personality Remains Upbeat

If you and your spouse are normally upbeat, fun, energetic people, you’re likely going to fair better during your first year of marriage. Happy people tend to take little things in stride, and there’s no better time than when you have to deal with getting used to your new spouse’s quirks after moving in together. Sure, there’s an adjustment period for everyone, but with a positive outlook, chances are you understand there will be bumps in the road and you’ll take them in stride.

Sign 4: You Still Think of Your Spouses Needs First

The dating stage is typically when everyone puts their best foot forward and goes out of their way to make a good impression. People will often put their significant others needs or wants first. However, some people are just thoughtful and considerate, so if you’re still thinking of your spouses needs first (and hopefully they’re doing the same), chances are you’ve got a good thing going.

Sign 5: You Don’t Fight or Bicker

When people get stressed out, it can cause them to fly off the handle and fight and bicker with others. Since getting married can be one of the top five most stressful events in life, even when you’re very excited about it, it can take its toll on your emotions. If you feel the stress but find positive ways to deal with it, such as exercise or meditation, instead of taking it out on your new spouse, chances are you have a great first year of marriage.

Although these signs are in no way all inclusive, they are certainly grounds for knowing your first year of marriage is healthy. When you have a successful first year, the likelihood of having more great years to follow is not only natural, but highly promising.