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- November 12, 2013

This day has been dedicated to:

Angela & Brandon Noyes

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The Marriage of Angela and Brandon Noyes

Date: November 12, 2013

Owner: Angela & Brandon Noyes

Purchased By: Brandon Noyes

Why this day is important:

This is the day God blessed me with His truest, most valuable, priceless blessing He could have ever given me. We were separated for so long and yet our love never diminished. Angela is my life, the air that I need to breathe. God brought us back together and has been with us every since. We have a saying of, "Y.M.G." (You, Me, God)! With God ALL things are possible and our marriage is a true example of that. He continues daily to guide us and love us and I thank Him daily for my wife!!!!

This past year has been an amazing, wonderfully love filled one and I know we will have so many more together as husband and wife!

I love you Angela, ALWAYS have and ALWAYS will.


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