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- May 17, 2014

This day has been dedicated to:

Alok & Deepthy

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International Day Registry

Alok & Deepthy Sitrum's First Wedding Anniversary

Date: May 17, 2014

Owner: Alok & Deepthy

Purchased By: Alok Sitrum

Why this day is important:

# Very peculiar is the art of the clock
Don't you wish sometimes it could stop?
Think hard upon these words my dear
At the end of today, it's already been a year

And the good Lord allowed us to see that day
Optimum was the weather, middle of May
I remember vividly you walking down that aisle
This was no rehearsal; the thought still makes me smile

I have married a virtuous woman by no doubt
Even if someone wrongs you, you hold back a shout
I am in love with your life and the way you live it
I pray you continue to exemplify the Fruit of the Spirit

So a very Happy Anniversary to us I wish
A congratulation I send to you along with a kiss
Let us keep walking together by God's great grace
Until He calls us home to meet Him face to face

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