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- May 06, 2005

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Brian & Shirley Wilmoth

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Brian & Shirley Wilmoth's Wedding Day

Date: May 06, 2005

Owner: Brian & Shirley Wilmoth

Purchased By: Shirley Wilmoth

Why this day is important:

This day means the world to my husband and myself, not only because it's the day we pledged our love & our vows to one another in front of our families, but because we know the true struggles of marriage. We have been through and seen each other through the highs, the lows, the good, the bad, the happy, the sad, sickness and health, loss of family, supported each other's decisions no matter what the others opinion. The last 10 yrs of being married has shown us that no matter what life throws at us, if your love & faith for one another is stronger than anything else, it will see you through as long as you both give it your all. We have celebrated many days over the yrs, the births of our children, birthdays of each other, family and friends, holidays, they all mean something special to us especially the births of our children. Although May 06,2005 is a day we celebrate us, our love for one another, and how strong our love for each other is still after all these years, we both still feel the same way about one another as the first day we met!

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