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Amber Harvey

"I purchased a date for my parents for their anniversary and the look on their faces was priceless! They loved it so much and it meant the world to them! I am so glad this was even possible!"

Dedicated Oct 12, 1980 as a Anniversary Gift.

Kimberly Kuhn

"I wanted to do something unique and special for my parents for their anniversary because they have always, and continue to, do so much for me. They have repeatedly told me over the past year how special I helped make their anniversary by registering their special day. I even had other family members comment on the gift. What a great gift idea! Thanks again."

Dedicated Jan 31, 2002 as a Anniversary Gift.

Sherry Hubbard

"I purchased a certificate for our 1st anniversary. Since year one is traditionally a paper gift, I found MyDayRegistry.com to be perfect. Now we actually own our wedding day!! My husband loves this."

Dedicated Sep 26, 2014 as a First Anniversary Gift.

Sara Fredrick

"I bought this gift for my husband for our 1st wedding anniversary. The date was our wedding day. He absolutely loved how unique this gift was. Thank you!"

Dedicated Jun 15, 2013 as a First Anniversary Gift.

Samantha Davis

"I bought our day. Not just any day. Our wedding day. It was a gift that meant so much to the both of us. I gave the certificate to my husband on our wedding day, to which he replied with teary eyes “you bought our special day”. It really made the best gift I could ever give. I would recommend this to anyone! The gift that keeps on giving! Also a gift for that person that has everything too!"

Dedicated Dec 13, 2014 as a Wedding Gift.

Niki Lucchese

"So thoughtful & so very personal. A really cute idea for a “different” gift! The perfect sentiment."

Dedicated Jan 20, 2013 as a Has Everything Gift.

Showing 31-36 of 49 Testimonials