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Patrick Dougher

"The first wedding anniversary gift traditionally is something of paper. I put a lot of thought into what can I get her that consists of paper. Tickets for a trip, music, sporting events came to mind but then I found MyDayRegistry.com in my search to find the perfect gift. The symbolism of owning our magical day made this the greatest gift for her but something we both shared together. My wife was blown away by the idea; this thoughtful grand gesture provides such value to the gift, our wedding day, as well as our loving marriage. It’s a great reminder of our special day and we love it!!! Thank you!"

Dedicated Jun 1, 2013 as a Wedding Gift.

Jessica Gilbert

"I was very excited when I learned about My Day Registry. What a great unique gift idea! I quickly entered the day my husband and I met. It turned out to be available and I quickly jumped on the opportunity. I received my certificate in a beautiful floating document frame. I surprised my husband with it and he was delighted. Something he certainly would never had expected. It hangs next to our wedding certificate. They make a handsome pair."

Dedicated Jun 16, 2008 as a Anniversary Gift.

Megan Alaxson

"Thank you for your email. My husband loved his my day gift. It was the perfect first year anniversary gift. A special day made all the more special!"

Dedicated Nov 10, 2012 as a First Anniversary Gift.

Jeremy Morel

"I was thrilled to claim our wedding date to present to my wife to commemorate our milestone anniversary; and she loved it so much I regret knowing I can only claim it once!"

Dedicated May 11, 2007 as a Anniversary Gift.

Pauline Stace

"I have this as a present to my husband on our 1st wedding anniversary and he loved it. Thank you for makings it such a wonderful gift"

Dedicated Apr 1, 2013 as a First Anniversary Gift.

Lisa Siniscalchi

"Mydayregistry.com offers such a unique gift idea. After the passing of a close friend, I surprised his parents with a day in remembrance, so his memory will live on forever. It was the perfect sentiment during a hard time and they were truly appreciative."

Dedicated Aug 10, 2016 as a Remembrance Gift.

Showing 25-30 of 49 Testimonials