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Leah Arevalo

"My husband and I loved the concept so much! We bought our first wedding anniversary day, and being a military family, it was awesome being able to buy our day in the state we were currently living in, making it more personal and special. Even though it wasn’t our hometown, it was our first home together, and we have been able to carry that piece of our life wherever else we have moved to in the future. It looks beautiful, is great quality, and we will definitely purchase another again, as it makes a great sentimental gift. Thanks MyDayRegistry!"

Dedicated Nov 4, 2015 as a First Anniversary Gift.

Shelby Schultz

"I now own my wedding day in the state we were married and gave this as a gift for my husband for our 1st (paper) anniversary. It absolutely exceeded our expectations. Every single piece of the certificate has such a special meaning and makes our day mean that much more! Thank you!"

Dedicated Jul 17, 2015 as a First Anniversary Gift.

Lisa Ford

"Absolutely loved the certificate received from My Day Registry. It was a special way for my now fiance and I to mark the beginning of our relationship. Highly recommend them."

Dedicated Mar 21, 2013 as a Anniversary Gift.

Kayley Smothers

"I purchased this as a gift for my parent’s 40th Wedding Anniversary this past year. It sounded like a unique gift and had good reviews already. I liked the idea of the gift being personal to my parents and something that no one else could have. They LOVED their gift and proudly display it in the personalized frame I purchased for them."

Dedicated Jul 3, 1976 as a Birthday Gift.

Chelsea Lutz

"I gave the gift of our day to my then boyfriend (now husband) from MyDayRegistry. It was such a special moment securing the day we started dating on a framed certificate for all to see when they enter our home. It was such a hit and it’s one of my favorite gifts to give. Definitely recommend."

Dedicated Aug 25, 2013 as a Boyfriend Gift.

Julieanna Arey

"I love it! We had an issue with the framing and after one phone call we had a new one within days for no extra cost! This was such a unique gift from a company that obviously cares about its customers!"

Dedicated Apr 9, 2011 as a Has Everything Gift.

Showing 13-18 of 49 Testimonials