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Dedicate a Day. Make It Yours.

  • Personalized Certificate of Ownership
  • Record of Dedication (Upload photos, videos & music)
  • Exclusive Registration
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Certificate of Ownership

When you dedicate a day in honor of a special occasion or person in your life, you'll receive a certificate printed on beautiful, high quality parchment paper.

Personalized in elegant modern calligraphy, this certificate serves as proof of exclusive ownership of your newly dedicated day.

You also have the option to dedicate a day in our State Registry. When you choose this option, your certificate will reflect the name of the U.S. State your day is registered under.

Personalize Your Certificate

Your certificate can be personalized to your special occasion. Add a customized title and include the gift recipient's name to create a one-of-a-kind gift.

Personalized Dedication Page

When you register a day in our State registry, you'll also receive an online dedication page that can be personalized with pictures, video, music and more!

Personalize your dedication page with special memories along with a favorite photo, video, or song.

Register today and get instant access! Access to your dedication page is granted the moment you register your special day in the State registry. This allows you to have FUN creating your personalized page while you wait for your certificate to arrive.

Share Your Page

Share your online dedication page with family and friends! They'll appreciate being a part of the celebration and sharing in your special memories.

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A man dedicating his anniversary day on a ipad

Exclusive Ownership Rights to Your Day

Every owner's exclusive title and ownership rights are recorded in the International Day Registry database under the U.S. State of their choice. This ensures there is only ONE (1) registry owner per day per state.

For example, if you register your day in the state of Texas, no one else can register that same day in that same state.

Check if Your Date is Available

Checking the availability of your special day is fast, easy, and FREE! Simply enter the date into the search box to perform a quick registry search.

Exclusive Ownership Rights

Every registered day is recorded to ensure there is only ONE (1) registry owner per day per state.

Why Dedicate a Day as a Gift?

MyDayRegistry is one of the most unique, thoughtful and personalized online gifts the Internet has to offer. By dedicating a day to in honor of a special event or person, you are providing a unique gift that will last a lifetime.

Whether it’s in celebration of your son’s graduation, your sister’s newborn baby, or your very own wedding anniversary, makes for the perfect gift for every occasion.

How Does Your Gift Work?

When you dedicate a day through MyDayRegistry, you’ll receive an elegant paper certificate that is personalized to your special occasion. You’ll also receive instant access to an online dedication page that you can personalize with photos, video, music, and more.

Your paper certificate is perfect for framing and giving as a wrapped gift. Your dedication page can be used to share details about your gift recipient’s special day along with photos and memories with family and friends. They can also post their own sentiments to the page!

When you register your special day in the State registry, you can designate your gift recipient as the exclusive owner of that day in the state of your choice. No one else can claim that same day in that same state, it will remain exclusively theirs FOREVER.

What If Your Day Is Already Taken?

It can be disappointing to find that the day you want to dedicate to that special person as a gift is already taken. But there are ways around this, you just takes a little creative thinking!

For example, you could choose the day that person was born, the day you first met, or any day that holds special memories for you or that person.

Another option is to register your date in a different registry. In addition to our State registry, we also have a Country and a Worldwide registry.

Our Country registry allows you to dedicate and register a day in a country of your choice. Our most exclusive registry is our Worldwide registry. Claiming a day in this registry gives you ownership rights across the entire planet!

With a little creativity, you’re sure to find an option that works for you.

How to Dedicate a Day as a Gift in the State Registry

Dedicating a day as a gift is simple! Just follow these 3 easy steps . . .

  1. Check If Your Date is Available: Enter the day you want to dedicate in the search tool at the top or bottom of this page. If the date is available, you’ll be taken to the certificate customization page.
  2. Customize Your Certificate: Choose the State registry package and select the state you want to dedicate and claim your day under. Next, fill out the simple details about your special day, who your day is dedicated to, and choose the sex and color of the two main characters (people) displayed on your certificate.
  3. Preview and Complete Your Order: After you’ve finished customizing your certificate, click the Preview Certificate option to see how it looks. Once you get it looking just the way you want, click Checkout to complete your order.

As soon as your order is completed, your special day will be recorded in the official International Day Registry database under the U.S. state of your choice. You’ll also receive access to your exclusive dedication page. This allows you to get started on personalizing your dedication page while you wait for your certificate to arrive in the mail.

If your special day is available, CONGRATULATIONS! Don’t miss the opportunity to claim your day. Once it’s gone, it’s gone—that’s one of the things that makes your day and your gift so special.