A Wedding Day Keepsake a Bride Will Cherish

A wonderful wedding keepsake for the bride on her wedding day

  • Personalized Certificate of ownership
  • Exclusive & Lifetime Registration
  • A One-of-a-kind Wedding Keepsake
  • Memory Book (Upload photos, videos & music)
  • FREE! 2nd day shipping on all orders!
  • State Registry Package starting at $44.95

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Lots of brides like to think of their wedding day as THEIR special day. But not every bride can say the day belongs to her. But YOU certainly can when you register and dedicate the date of your wedding through MyDayRegistry.

MyDayRegistry is an exclusive online registry that allows you to dedicate and claim the DAY of your wedding as your OWN. It’s a romantic way to honor the love you and your partner share, and makes for a unique and sentimental wedding keepsake.

Many a bride share the same wedding day. But only ONE can claim the day as her OWN. Make sure that bride is YOU—register the date of your wedding with MyDayRegistry, and make that all-important day in your life YOURS!

We used our certificate of ownership as a guest book allowing everyone to sign the matting around the certificate to help us remember all those warm and loving messages associated with our most special day. Everyone loved the idea!! The certificate is absolutely stunning…

– LindyKoz | TheKnot.com

What Do You Get When You Register Your Wedding Day?

Upon registering your wedding day with MyDayRegistry, you’ll receive a custom-printed Certificate of Ownership personalized with the dedicated date and name of your glorious occasion. Custom-printed on quality parchment paper, this beautiful certificate makes for a unique and sentimental wedding keepsake that you can one day pass down to your children.

Your dedicated day also includes instant access to an online Memory Book that can be customized with personal notes, photos, video clips, and even a song from your wedding day. It’s a wonderful way to share cherished wedding memories with family and friends, and let everyone know which day belongs to YOU at MyDayRegistry!

DIY Wedding Signature Keepsake—5 Easy Steps

Looking for a creative wedding guest book alternative?

Turn your CERTIFICATE OF OWNERSHIP into a one-of-a-kind wedding keepsake, complete with guest signatures & sentiments.*

Your wedding will soon become a day of sentimental memories. To capture those memories, transform your MyDayRegistry certificate into a gorgeous wedding keepsake. It’s an excellent way to preserve the signatures and sentiments of your friends and family, and a creative alternative to the traditional wedding guest book.

To create your own wedding signature keepsake, follow these 5 easy steps . . .

Step 1: Register Your Wedding Day with MyDayRegistry

The earlier you register your wedding day with MyDayRegistry, the sooner you can make it your own. To register, simply enter the month, day, and year of your wedding in the “Check If Your Day Is Available” box above. Next, select the registration package of your choice.

MyDayRegistry offers three affordable registration packages, with the option to register your wedding day by State, Country, or Worldwide. Once registered, you become the exclusive owner of your wedding day. No one else can claim ownership of that date in the same registry.

After registering the day of your wedding with MyDayRegistry, you’ll receive an official Certificate of Ownership in the mail. This elegant certificate will serve as the centerpiece of your wedding keepsake frame.*

Step 2: Frame Your Certificate of Ownership

Choose a frame for your wedding keepsake

The next step in creating your very own wedding signature keepsake is to find a frame for your Certificate of Ownership. This can be as simple as purchasing a ready-made frame or taking it to a custom-framing store.

When shopping for a frame, keep in mind that the signatures and sentiments of your wedding guests will be written along the matted border of the frame, around your MyDayRegistry certificate. To ensure enough room, the frame should hold an 8 1/2 x 11″ certificate with a surrounding mat of at least 3″ in width.

Step 3: Choose Your Pens

There are a number of pens that can be used to sign the mat of your wedding keepsake frame, along with a variety of styles and colors. Quick-drying, permanent markers or paint pens with a fine writing tip are an excellent choice.

While black ink provides an excellent contrast against a light-colored mat, choose a color that best suits the style of the frame, your wedding theme, and your own personal tastes.

While black ink provides an excellent contrast against a light-colored mat, choose a color that best suits the style of the frame, your wedding, and your own personal tastes.

Step 4: Decorate a Display Table to Match Your Wedding Theme

Display your wedding keepsake on the reception guest table

On the day of your wedding, set up a display table for your signature keepsake frame. To add to the beauty of the table, decorate it to match your wedding theme and colors. Photos, candles, flowers, and rose petals all make beautiful accents.

Place the display table where guests will see it when they arrive at your wedding. A small sign printed in elegant script can be very helpful in guiding your guests to the table and having them sign your wedding keepsake frame. Don’t forget the pens!

Important! Be sure to remove the glass from your wedding keepsake frame prior to setting it out for signature. You want your guests to sign the mat around your MyDayRegistry certificate, not the glass itself.

Step 5: Proudly Display and Preserve Your Wedding Day Keepsake

Your MyDayRegistry certificate is more than a wedding keepsake—it’s a work of art that holds what will soon become a beautiful piece of your family history. Like your wedding photos, your wedding day keepsake frame deserves to be proudly displayed on a wall of your home, and preserved for generations to come.

If only your legal marriage certificate were as beautiful!

The Knot Reviews

Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life. MyDayRegistry gives you a way to commemorate that once-in-a-lifetime event and preserve precious memories. Even when your wedding day has come and gone, the memories will live on through your dedicated day at MyDayRegistry.com.

Preserve this special moment in time—register your wedding day with MyDayRegistry!

*The frames and decorative items featured in the wedding keepsake photographs on this page are for visual purposes only. Frames and matting are not included with the purchase of your MyDayRegistry product.