A Graduation Gift for the Graduate

A teacher presenting a student with a certificate

  • Personalized Certificate of ownership
  • Choice of high quality frame
  • Memory Book (Upload photos, videos & music)
  • International Day Registry Registration
  • FREE! 2nd day shipping on frameless orders!
  • State Registry Package starting at $44.95

MyDayRegistry is an online registry where you can dedicate and register a specific date by month, day, and year in honor of a special event or person in your life.

Give your high school or college graduate a unique graduation gift they’ll remember forever!

A Certificate of Dedication

A Unique and Thoughtful Gift for Graduation Day!

“I was so excited to be able to register my sister’s graduation day and give it to her as a gift when she received her degree. She loves it!”

– Whitney Fienes | Auburn Hills, MI

Why Choose MyDayRegisty.com?

One day you’re kissing their boo boos, the next day you’re wiping streams of tears from your face as you beam with pride at their graduation ceremony. Don’t let that monumental moment in their life fade away. Preserve their memories in time with a graduation gift that celebrates their special day of achievement.

Your graduate will be honored to display the official certificate of ownership that comes with their gift, right next to their diploma. The online profile is also a great way to further personalize their special day with photos and video of that proud moment of achievement.

One day they’ll be wiping away their own tears as they watch someone they love graduate. When that day comes, you can be certain their memories will bring them back to you and your unique and thoughtful graduation gift.

How Does MyDayRegistry.com Work?

From graduation day to that someone special’s birthday, MyDayRegistry gives you a way to make their day all the more special with an exclusive online registry that allows you to dedicate a day in his or her honor.

Every registered day comes complete with a beautiful framed certificate as proof of ownership rights. You’ll also receive an online memory album that can be personalized with music, photos, video, and details about what makes your day of dedication so special. It’s perfect for sharing with family and friends!

With three affordable packages to choose from, you can register your high school or college graduate’s day of honor by state or country, or stake your claim in the exclusive worldwide registry. Every owner’s title and ownership rights are recorded in the official International Day Registry database—the only registry of its kind!

Claim Their Graduation Day Now . . . Before Someone Else Does!

With there being only 365 days in any given year and only ONE owner per day, there’s only ONE opportunity to register the day you want to dedicate and give as a graduation gift in the State, Country or Worldwide registry of your choice.

If you’re looking for a truly original gift for a special high school or college graduate this year, you won’t find anything more thoughtful or unique than MyDayRegistry. So don’t miss your chance—dedicate a day in honor of their graduation today!

Is the Day You Want to Give as a Graduation Gift Already Taken?

If the day you want to give as a gift on that special someone’s graduation day is already taken, don’t fret!. Perhaps it’s available in a state or country registry other than your first choice. Also, be sure to check out Worldwide Registry—the one registry where you can make that proud graduate an exclusive international owner.

With a little creativity, you may also be able to think of an alternative date other than their day of graduation. For example, maybe owning their birthday or another date that holds special meaning to them will be just as special.

The Perfect Graduation Gift for Him or Her

MyDayRegistry is one of the most unique, thoughtful and personalized Graduation gifts you can give a graduate in celebration of their big day. From birthdays to graduation, dedicating a day in their name is the perfect gift for every occasion!