First Anniversary Gifts for Him makes the perfect first anniversary gifts for him

  • Personalized Certificate of ownership
  • Choice of high quality frame
  • Memory Book (Upload photos, videos & music)
  • International Day Registry Registration
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  • State Registry Package starting at $44.95

MyDayRegistry is the only online registry that allows you to register and dedicate a day to your husband or boyfriend to celebrate your first anniversary.

Sentimental first anniversary gifts for him are hard to come by. That’s why dedicating the day of your first kiss or the day of your wedding makes such a wonderful gift.

Every dedication includes a framed certificate for that perfect first anniversary gift!

Celebrate Your First Anniversary with a Special Gift for Him!

“My husband and I like non-traditional gifts. A few people suggested a card or stationery, but there’s nothing special about buying a card. I registered our wedding day and hung the certificate on the wall above our bed.”

– Jessica Wilson | San Diego, CA

Why Your Husband Will Love a MyDayRegistry Certificate for Your First Anniversary

If you’re looking for first anniversary gifts for him, you probably have read many articles and browsed many sites. Many wedding experts recommend gifts that are impersonal or boring. Personal stationery is old fashioned, and artwork can be expensive. Unlike other first anniversary gifts for him, your MyDayRegistry gift will reflect your personality and history as a couple.

Show him how much you love him by dedicating a day through MyDayRegistry. You will have exclusive ownership rights to this day, which will be recorded in the International Day Registry. Once you have claimed your special day, you can create an online profile that announces why the day is important. You or your loved ones can upload photos, videos and music to create a customized online memory book. You also will receive a certificate printed on high quality parchment paper and framed in a special walnut frame. Hang your certificate somewhere special and announce to the world that the day is yours.

Why the First Anniversary Is So Important

The first year of a marriage is often called the honeymoon phase or adjustment year. The first anniversary is the perfect time to reflect on your beautiful wedding day and prepare for many wonderful days ahead. As you celebrate your first anniversary together, let him know that you are committed to many more years together with the perfect first anniversary gifts for him.

Paper is the traditional first anniversary gift because the intertwined threads that form the paper give it strength. The intertwined threads symbolize the strength created by your union as husband and wife. When searching for first anniversary gifts for him, you may be tempted to stick with traditional choices, such as a card or a book. Store-bought first anniversary gifts for him often do not reflect the deep meaning of the paper gift. They also lack the personality of a gift that is customized to the couple.

Your first anniversary is also a wonderful day to celebrate with family and friends. You can include your family and loved ones in this special day by asking them to share their videos, photos and music from that day. We all get bogged down by day to day stresses, but your first anniversary is a great time to recapture the joy and hope of your wedding day. Remind each other about your commitment by posting your MyDayRegistry personalized certificate somewhere special.

With only 365 days per year, you only have one chance to register your special day. You may register the day in your state, another state or in the worldwide registry. Out of all the first anniversary gifts for him, this is the only gift that gives you ownership rights to a specific day. If your wedding date is unavailable, try selecting another date such as the date of your first date, first kiss or engagement. You also can select a state registry or the International Day Registry. MyDayRegistry offers three different packages to fit any couple’s budget.