The Perfect First Anniversary Gift

A girl giving her first anniversary gift to her husband on her first anniversary.

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A first anniversary gift should be thoughtful and romantic. Show your significant other that you love them just as much as you did on the day of your wedding with a day of dedication.

MyDayRegistry is an exclusive online registry where you can dedicate and register a specific date by month, day, and year in honor of a special event or person in your life.

First Anniversary Gift Certificate

A “I Spent Some Time Looking”…First Anniversary Gift!

“MyDayRegistry was perfect for my wife’s first anniversary gift- she was so touched it brought tears to her eyes. Completing the online profile together and sharing it with our friends and family was the icing on the cake.”

– Michael | Los Angeles, CA

Celebrate With a First Anniversary Gift From MyDayRegistry

Whether it’s a card, a thoughtful poem, or even just a romantic note- the traditional gift for any first year anniversary is usually something that represents your blossoming love. MyDayRegistry follows in this tradition of unique and thoughtful first anniversary gifts with the Certificate of Ownership included with your MyDayRegistry date registration.

Your personalized Certificate of Ownership is custom-printed on the highest quality paper and then inscribed with elegant calligraphy. MyDayRegistry’s Certificate of Ownership is the perfect first anniversary gift for your wife, husband, or significant other on your first anniversary. Whether it be the day of your first date, the day of your wedding, or the date of your first year anniversary, MyDayRegistry allows you to give the gift of a shared and beloved memory.


How does your First Anniversary Gift Work?

MyDayRegistry’s meaning extends far beyond a typical first anniversary gift. Instead of buying someone in your life another material commodity- choose to give an anniversary gift with a deeper meaning. MyDayRegistry allows you to dedicate a day in honor of a significant event or day of memories that you share, like your first wedding anniversary. By dedicating a day to someone you are celebrating and preserving your precious memories together.

MyDayRegistry not only provides you with an elegant certificate for your first anniversary or wedding day, registration also includes access to a unique and secure online profile that you and your husband or wife have the opportunity to personalize with photos, videos, music and more. Either you or your significant other can make it a meaningful space to share with your friends and family.

Claim The Day Of Your First Wedding Anniversary

As we are all too aware- there are only 365 days in each year. Time continues to speed by and if you wait too long register your first anniversary or wedding date, someone else may claim it before you get the chance. Each day is dedicated to one unique owner, which is the very thing that makes it special and romantic. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by- seize your first anniversary date today!

What If Your First Anniversary or Wedding Day is Taken?

Don’t worry! If your desired date is taken, creative thinking can quickly solve the issue. Instead of your first anniversary day, you might consider dedicating the day you and your husband or wife went on your first date, fell in love, or got engaged. The other option is always to see if the date is available in the State, County, or even Worldwide registry. With so many fond memories, deciding on one may be the hardest part.

Just like the day is, a first anniversary gift should be memorable- and what could be more memorable than dedicating a piece of history to your loved one? MyDayRegistry makes for perfect first year anniversary gifts because registering is a thoughtful gesture that allows you to reminisce on your love for years to come. If you are looking for a romantic and unique gift for your wife or husband for your first year anniversary, reserving a day on MyDayRegistry is the perfect choice.

With three affordable first anniversary gift packages to choose from you can register any available day by state, county, or worldwide. Upon purchase, your title and ownership rights are recorded in the official International Day Registry database. MyDayRegistry will provide you with a beautiful commemorative certificate and online profile in honor of your wedding anniversary, first year anniversary, or other meaningful day.