Birthday Gift

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  • Personalized Certificate of ownership
  • Choice of high quality frame
  • Memory Book (Upload photos, videos & music)
  • International Day Registry Registration
  • FREE! 2nd day shipping on frameless orders!
  • State Registry Package starting at $44.95

MyDayRegistry is the only online registry that allows you to register and dedicate a day in honor of a special friend or loved one.

If you’re looking for a unique birthday gift that will be appreciated, MyDayRegistry delivers!

Birthday Gift Certificate

A Unique Birthday Gift They’ll Appreciate for a Lifetime!

“I was looking for something different for my brother’s 40th birthday and this made for a fun and unique gift.”

– Augustine Pereira | Austin, IN

Why Choose

Birthdays are a wonderful time for showering friends and family with attention, love, and gifts. If you’re looking for a genuinely thoughtful and unique gift that will be appreciated for birthdays to come, make them the official owner of their very own day!

Birthday Certificate

With an official certificate of ownership set in a modern floating frame, you have the perfect birthday gift for wrapping and presenting on that special day. The birthday boy or girl will also enjoy personalizing their online profile with photos and video from their birthday celebration, including pictures of their cake, the moment they blew out the candles, and the opening of your unique and treasured gift.

Whether it’s their 1st, 16th, 40th or 100th, those extra special birthdays only happen once in a lifetime. So give them a gift they can treasure forever with!

How Does Work?

Whether it be your wedding day, your grandmother’s 85th birthday, or the day your closest friend lost her battle to cancer, at My Day Registry, you can dedicate a day in honor of events and people that mean the most to you and preserve those special memories forever!

Every registered day comes complete with a beautifully framed certificate as proof of ownership rights. You’ll also receive an online profile that can be personalized with music, photos, video, and details about that special day for sharing with family and friends.

With three affordable packages to choose from, you can register your day by state or country, or stake your claim in the exclusive worldwide registry. Every owner’s title and ownership rights are recorded in the official International Day Registry database—the only registry of its kind!

Claim Your Day Now . . . Before Someone Else Does!

With there being only 365 days in any given year and only ONE owner per day, there’s only ONE opportunity to register the birthday you want in the State, Country or Worldwide registry of your choice.

If you’re looking for a truly original and meaningful gift for a milestone birthday or another special occasion, you won’t find anything as thoughtful or unique as MyDayRegistry. So don’t miss your chance—dedicate a day to someone special today!

Is Your Special Day Already Taken?

Don’t fret! If your gift recipient’s date of birth is already taken, perhaps their birthday is available in one of our other state or country registries. You can also check the Worldwide Registry—the one registry where you can register as an exclusive international owner.

Using a little creativity may also help you come up with some alternative dates. For example, if you’re looking to dedicate the day that special someone was born, but that date’s already taken, perhaps there’s another date or milestone birthday that will be just meaningful.