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- September 24, 1992

This day has been dedicated to:

Gregory Kelley

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Gregory Dean Kelley's Birth

Date: September 24, 1992

Owner: Gregory Kelley

Purchased By: Francesca Paraiso

Why this day is important:

September 24, 1992

Gregory Dean Kelley was born.
Why is this important?
Why is he important?
He is one of God's greatest gifts.

He has a beautiful soul.
He encourages others to dream.
He encourages others to hope.
He encourages others to successfully reach their goals.

He is an amazing person.
He is bold and brave for he serves his country well.
He is caring.
He dares to live life to the fullest.
He encourages others to do the same.
He is fearless.
He is one of God's soldiers.

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