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- August 09, 2021

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Infinite Laundry

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International Linen & Uniform Service Day

Date: August 09, 2021

Owner: Infinite Laundry

Purchased By: Coral Undzis

Why this day is important:

It’s official! Starting in 2021, August 9th is International Linen and Uniform Service Day. ????

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International Linen & Uniform Service Day celebrates the professionals across the globe that provide linen, uniform and facility services. ????

It was on this day in 1910 that “Thor”, the very first electric-powered washing machine, was patented by Alva J. Fisher, marking a turning point for commerce throughout the world.

Linen & Uniform Services provided by large commercial laundries have become an essential service that commerce needs to function around the globe. Running in the background, they are an integral supply chain partner to the healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, food service, food processing, automotive, and retail industries.

Starting August 9th, this changes. It’s high time that we celebrate the countless millions of people in every continent who have dedicated themselves to providing clean linens, towels, uniforms, and facility services to businesses each and every week.

Restaurants rely on these services for chef uniforms, cooking towels, staff uniforms & aprons, as well as tablecloths to create the ambiance you savor, and the napkins you use to clean your mouth after a meal. Healthcare facilities depend on them to create a safe, comfortable environment with sheets, patients gowns, scrubs, lab coats, PPE and more. They provide work uniforms and business services to millions of businesses each day, from automotive shops, to food processors to the biomedical cleanroom facilities creating COVID-19 vaccines. And what kind of vacation would you have without the clean sheets, towels and robes you love?

These services do all of this and more, delivered by Route Service Representatives who serve each customer with passion and a smile. During the pandemic, the linen and uniform industry was officially deemed an essential service, as workers put it all on the line to provide reusable PPE and critical supplies to hospitals.

Join us this August 9th in celebrating an industry that does so much every day of the year for all of us on International Linen and Uniform Service Day! ????

???? How to Observe International Linen and Uniform Service Day:
- On August 9th, shoutout your local laundry businesses or service professionals on social media with #ILUD
- Post photos with linen and uniform products provided by your local service provider or with their delivery team members
- Give your patronage to a business that uses commercial linen & uniform services (restaurants, hotels, auto shops, medical centers, etc.)
- Start a conversation about how clean linens and uniforms make an impact in your own industry and in the world (i.e. COVID-19 pandemic)

???? International Linen And Uniform Service Day History:
International Linen and Uniform Service Day commemorates the day commercial laundering officially began with the patent of the first electric-powered washing machine “Thor,” on August 9th, 1910.

111 years later, this landmark day was conceptualized by Coral Undzis, Social Media Director at Infinite Laundry, and the holiday was officially registered by Infinite Laundry, with the support of the TRSA (the leading Linen & Uniform trade association), and countless industry leading companies. “This was the time to do it” said Undzis, “as we celebrate the work of our industry with the world and acknowledge the ‘heroes-behind-the-heroes’ with their essential work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.”

We hope that by bringing public awareness to the profession, it’s people, and the place that linen and uniform services have in our global societies, commerce will continue to support and value these services, and expand their use with additional hygienically clean, reusable textile solutions for the future. ????

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