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- December 17, 2013

This day has been dedicated to:

Amanda & Brent Boeckholt

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Amanda & Brent Boeckholt's Wedding Day

Date: December 17, 2013

Owner: Amanda & Brent Boeckholt

Purchased By: Amanda Boeckholt

Why this day is important:

December 17th, 2013 is one of my most cherished memories. It's the day I married my best friend and the day I promised to happily spend the rest of my life with him. At 3 pm on the stern of the Sapphire Princess surrounded by the blue waves of the Pacific Ocean on a beautiful sunny day, we vowed to commit ourselves to each other and to embrace our families as one. The memories we shared as a family on that day will always hold a special place inside my heart. To yesterday, today and all of our tomorrows! All my love, Amanda

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