Washington State Registry
- May 11, 2008

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International Day Registry

Leslie Woods

Date: May 11, 2008

Owner: Carol Pace

Why this day is important:

I wrote this so that you will always know what you have meant to me through the years. From the time I was a child to this very present day in my life, you have made my world a very special and beautiful place. You are truly the kind of Mom every child dreams of having. Your love, your kindness, your endless support and generosity know no bounds. You have not only been a precious Mother to me, but have been the most important role model anyone could ever have. The person I am today, is because of the
guidance and example you have shown me... with your unconditional love above all else! I only hope and pray that I will be able to give my children the same priceless gifts you have given me. No matter how far I may go... I will always need you. Thank you for the greatest gift I’ll ever receive...You!

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