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- December 12, 2012

This day has been dedicated to:

Christopher And Latasha Warner

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Christopher and Latasha Warner's Wedding Day

Date: December 12, 2012

Owner: Christopher And Latasha Warner

Purchased By: Latasha Warner

Why this day is important:

December 12, 2012--The day I married Christopher Warner, the man who has accepted me and loved me for who I am, no questions asked. He shows me on a daily basis that no matter what our past is, it's the present and future that really matter. No matter what kind of day he is having, he tries his best to help me to have a good day. My life was incomplete until I met him and married him. Though we have had our share of ups and downs, when I think about Dec. 12, 2012, I can't help but smile and remember the love I saw in his eyes and still see every day when I look into them. Christopher Warner, I love you more than you will ever know! I am so happy to be your wife!

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