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- October 17, 2018

This day has been dedicated to:

Chukwudozie (Stephen) Ajide

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Chuks Ajide 35th Birthday

Date: October 17, 2018

Owner: Chukwudozie (Stephen) Ajide

Purchased By: Keri Jeffries

Why this day is important:

All hail the living legend that was born this day, years ago.

Your shining smile & radiating energy: there is no one like you in the whole world! Whenever you need a reminder of how amazing you are, just think about the positive and impactful influences that you've had on others. Remember every selfless act, every encouraging word, & every compassionate & forward thinking bone in your body that equates to your greatness. One of the joys of life is that there's always a particular day in life where we get to celebrate our creation. In your honor, This day has been dedicated to you.
May all the opportunities needed for you to live fully this year come your way and may you not miss any of them. Wishing you many more Birthdays to Come !

Happy National Chuks Ajide Day ❤

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