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- August 23, 1951

This day has been dedicated to:

Chuck & Diana Fogle

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The Life of Diana Lynn Fogle

Date: August 23, 1951

Owner: Chuck & Diana Fogle

Purchased By: Shawn & Shanda Fogle

Why this day is important:

This woman has brought more than her sons into this world, raising them to be caring, respectful gentlemen, but also a woman who exemplified what a human should be. She is compassionate, intelligent, humorous and wise. She is quick step up and help, and gentle in correcting something that mistakes and misinformation. She is passionate and protective of others, and stands up for her rights and the rights of others. She will not back down when it comes to protecting her love ones. Her sons will always remember her creativity (no lunch was complete without a little note from mom, or cards without drawings and personalized details) and that she made every Holiday one to cherish and remember forever. Her compassion is only increased infinitely by her giving nature. It pained her to see others go without, and, as her sons could attest, she did all she could to help. Her daughter-in-laws will confirm how fiercely protective and loving she was for her sons, and how she welcomed them with the same open arms. Her husband will tell you she was a Princess with a wicked sense of humor. She will keep you on your toes in a lively dance that reminds you just why and how much you love her.

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