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- August 17, 2021

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Work Comp Adjusters Day

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Work Comp Adjuster Day

Date: August 17, 2021

Owner: Work Comp Adjusters Day

Purchased By: Centre for Neuro Skills

Why this day is important:

A Work Comp claims adjuster can make a significant difference in the quality of life for the disabled worker and their family. They strive to build trust and puts both parties at ease, which makes the entire process easier. Their role is a thankless job and incredibly stressful.
It is very rare for the employer or, even the rarer, an injured employee who expresses any appreciation for the work the adjuster does on the work comp claims. The most the adjuster hopes for is the claims supervisor will say “good job” when the claim is concluded.
They maintain constant contact between the worker, employer, and doctors to facilitate the status of the case and next steps. They also ensure prompt payment of medical bills, indemnity payments, and they submit the appropriate forms to state bodies. Most have large scale caseloads but make sure to attend and participate at hearings, mediations, and informal legal conferences, as appropriate.
We wanted to honor a day for these unsung heroes who never get recognition for devoting themselves for the welfare of injured workers and their families.

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