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- October 17, 2002

This day has been dedicated to:

Rick & Kristen Brown

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Rick & Kristen Brown

Date: October 17, 2002

Owner: Rick & Kristen Brown

Purchased By: Tammy & Jennifer

Why this day is important:

10/17/02 - This day LIVES in history because it was on this day, at 4:45pm, that our lives truly began.

It was on this day that Rick walked into the backdoor (unbeknownst to him) of Kristen's office and into her heart forever. Within days, the two became a couple and have been inseparable ever since.

Every year, on 10/17, the lucky in love couple re-enacts their first meeting and remembers fondly the dizzying side-effects of true love.

We are so excited to have been given this day in history to belong solely to us. 10/17/02 is the best day in the history of the world, the universe, and beyond!!!

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