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- October 01, 2016

This day has been dedicated to:

Jacob Aaron Finder

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Jake's Day

Date: October 01, 2016

Owner: Jacob Aaron Finder

Purchased By: Hatti Robinson

Why this day is important:

On this day a man shall be celebrated and worshiped as the absolute hero that he is.
On this day all activities shall revolve around the happiness of the man who brings his family of friends together.
On this day there shall be no complaints, no questioning of decisions and everything (correct or incorrect) that comes from this one man's mouth will be deemed as right!
For this is Jake's day.
This is the day of Jacob Aaron Finder: The man, the hero, the legend. Who - from this day forth - will forever be known as the best dog gamn man to have ever walked the streets of Killeen, the best person to have infiltrated any and every group he becomes a part of (and boy he gets in there deep and quickly) and everyone's absolute favourite guy!
We love you Jacob. Today...is for real...your day!

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