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- October 17, 2014

This day has been dedicated to:

Keyshawn and Jaylen Gascey

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Mama JG (Heather Gascey) Day

Date: October 17, 2014

Owner: Keyshawn and Jaylen Gascey

Purchased By: John Gascey

Why this day is important:

On this is the day October 17th 1998 I officially started dating an amazing woman by the name of Heather Spears whom would become to be Heather Spears Gascey my best friend, wife, lover, and partner in everything. She would unconditionally bless me with love, kindness, affection. She has also blessed me with two sons whom are incredible, intelligent, handsome young men (Keyshawn and Jaylen Gascey). She gave me a caring mother in-law(Beverly Spears whom without our union would not exist) step father in-law(Billy White whom we miss dearly..gone but never forgotten), two brothers(Chris and Matt Spears has honored me with the gift of siblings and brotherhood) , and a host of wonderful, fun and unique extended family. She is amazing beyond words and always puts not just her family but everyone she loves needs and feelings before her own. Shes passionate, courageous, strong willed and loving. She's my heart and soul and I couldn't imagine my life without her. For all of these reasons and many others I felt she deserved a day beyond her birthday and Mother's Day. A day for an incredible friend, wife, lover, mother, sister, daughter, niece, etc that gives and loves effortlessly.

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