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- November 22, 2015

This day has been dedicated to:

Daniel Baker

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Dan Baker Day

Date: November 22, 2015

Owner: Daniel Baker

Purchased By: Christopher Benjamin

Why this day is important:

This day is set aside to honor a man of Love, Courage, perseverance, wisdom, and so much more. Dan Baker is would his foster son calls, "a man after God's own heart!!" He always puts others first, without thought. He is a loving and devoted Husband, and father, to not only his children, but to any person, young or old who needs a loving hand or a fathers touch. He fights a condition in his body daily, yet, you never see him fuss about it, nor complain, rather, he uses what he has as momentum to keep fighting on. He is an inspiration to us all. This day is also special as this is the day that Mr. Dan Baker was installed in the Reynolds School District Hall of Fame. He was a fantastic Coach, Teacher, and Administrator. So, with all of that being said, this day celebrates him and all that he stands for! Happy Dan Baker Day.

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