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- October 05, 2013

This day has been dedicated to:

Dennis & Cindy Laquerre

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Dennis & Cindy Laquerre's Wedding Day

Date: October 05, 2013

Owner: Dennis & Cindy Laquerre

Purchased By: Cynthia Moore

Why this day is important:

As Autumn Leaves Turn Their Brilliant Hue, Best Friends Say I Do.
Dennis, I found exactly the right man to share my life with. I've found a once in a lifetime friendship and a once in a lifetime love. You're the friend I want and the husband I need. So when you look ahead to the future or look back at how things have been, don't forget to look beside you, because that's where you'll find me loving you with all my heart.
Cindy, from the first day we met, (thanks to the "Keeper of the Stars") to this very day I have always and will forever have an everlasting love for you. We have something very special, it's a very strong bond. A bond I never want to lose and I will work each and every day to continue to make our bond even stronger.
We had a fairytale garden wedding, an amazing dinner and one rockin party! Thank you to our family and friends who helped us celebrate this amazing night.

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