New Hampshire State Registry
- September 23, 2011

This day has been dedicated to:

Brendan And Dana Keegan

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International Day Registry

The Launch of Keegan Capital

Date: September 23, 2011

Owner: Brendan And Dana Keegan

Purchased By: "Keegan Team 7"

Why this day is important:

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess in Kingdom D.C., learning the ways of art. With an eye for the spectacular (in more ways than one) she turned heads as she graced the floors she walked on. One knight in particular spotted this young lady from afar and decided that he MUST win her heart. Fighting off other damsels that came his way, he got on his mighty horse and road out to swoop the fair maiden off her feet. Though she had many suitors, Princess Dana acquiesced to the knight in shining armor, and so their journey began.

The story of this royal couple has touched vast territory. Two months before their majestic wedding, the knight was called to battle in a far far away land. Without hesitation, the princess encouraged her knight to fight to the death, and she was his ROCK. After many VICTORIES, the royalty faces the greatest challenge yet: to fight their own battles, build an army, and CREATE an EMPIRE. We (as their esteemed soldiers) are just THRILLED to be along for the ride.


International Day Registry