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- May 04, 1986

This day has been dedicated to:

Garret McPhae

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Garret McPhae Day

Date: May 04, 1986

Owner: Garret McPhae

Purchased By: Kristen Hudson

Why this day is important:

May 4th 1986 produced for the world, a soul so genuine, so charming, so beautiful that it could only belong to someone as amazing as Garret McPhae.
To most people, Garret is well known for his God gifted talent as a singer, drummer, guitarist, pianist and song writer who, lives for showing his love and personality through his music. There are a lucky few of us who get to love Garret for so much more... the unconditional love and respect he shows not only to his family but his friends who've become family as well has secured him a spot in our hearts for eternity.
For most of the world May 4th is known as " Star Wars Day" but in our little slice of awesome, May 4th will always be known as Garrret McPhae Day. Thank you Garret, for always being you.

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