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- September 22, 2012

This day has been dedicated to:

David & Kasper Kaster

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David & Kasper Kaster's Wedding Day

Date: September 22, 2012

Owner: David & Kasper Kaster

Purchased By: David Kaster

Why this day is important:

This is the day that I got married to the best, most beautiful woman ever. There was no other way to tell or show her how much I really love her.

It was the most perfect day one could ask for. Warm and sunny, yet a cool breeze to keep it comfortable. There were a few rain showers, but that's just the Lord's way of wishing us good luck. Our family and friends surrounded us as we held each others hands and looked into each others eyes, and said those magical words..." I do." We celebrated long into the evening with all that were able to attend the evenings festivities.

It was truly a day that I'll never forget. The best day of my life.

Through all the good times and bad, all the happy and sad, we'll always have each other because this was and is, our special day.

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