Maryland State Registry
- June 26, 2008

This day has been dedicated to:

Christian & Kimberly Crosson

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International Day Registry

Christian & Kimberly Crosson's Marriage

Date: June 26, 2008

Owner: Christian & Kimberly Crosson

Purchased By: Kimberly Crosson

Why this day is important:

On this day Christian and Kimberly found what was lost all of their life, which was their best friend, their happily ever after, their meant to be and their forever and always. The two of them have a love that is recognized and felt by all around them year after year. He adores her and she is faithfully his biggest fan. He has always been her strength and helped her to be brave when she couldn't bare to be on her own. Without her he would never have known what it was like to let your guard down and be vulnerable. Together they have shown their children what true love looks like, feels like and should be. One thing they have always hoped for. They gave each other forever and swearpled to love each other until the end of their time on this earth.

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