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- July 04, 2013

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Master Sam's Tournament Team of Champions

Date: July 04, 2013

Owner: Sam Lider

Purchased By: Lorna Catania

Why this day is important:

On behalf of all the parents and kids of the USWC Taekwondo Gresham Tournament Team, we dedicate this day to Master Sam Lider. Without your time, effort, extreme dedication and never ending passion you continuously provided our kids, their success would not have been possible. You pushed them hard to prove to them they are capable of more. This came with many tears, sweat, injuries, and feelings of doubt, however you never gave up on them.

You have become an influential role model to them and have played a major part in developing the person they will become in the future. You have given them the confidence to succeed in their dreams. Because of this, the tournament team will hold the memory of July 4, 2013 in their memories forever. On this day, every kid competed and won more medals than any other day, as well as any other Taekwondo school in the state of Oregon. Therefore, if it hadn't been for you this day would not have been possible.

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