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- March 03, 2012

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Patricia Kiessling

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Chelsea Lynn Kiessling

Date: March 03, 2012

Owner: Patricia Kiessling

Purchased By: ECS Southeast

Why this day is important:

This was the day that God took my beloved daughter, Chelsea, from me. It was a day that changed the lives of all of my family and a lot of Chelsea's friends' lives as well. It began a period of intense pain and heartache and a mystified feeling of "why?" Why did God take her? Why did we only have the pleasure of her presence for 19 short years?

I realize I am blessed to have had her the time that I did, but it wasn't nearly long enough. She was so fun and happy - a special soul with a beautiful smile who brought joy to so many people. I am looking forward to the day I will see her again. She is sure to have the angels laughing at her antics and her witty comments.

There is a hole in my heart from the loss of my Chelsea. It is like a raw wound. Nothing anyone can say or do will make it better. All I can do is take each day as it comes and hope that time will alleviate a little of the pain.

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