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- March 12, 2021

This day has been dedicated to:

Patrick Sgarlata

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Pat Day

Date: March 12, 2021

Owner: Patrick Sgarlata

Purchased By: Andrea Shepard

Why this day is important:

This day is dedicated to the one and only Patrick Sgarlata and all the ideas that come out of his head. Pat always goes the extra mile - but as the Pied Piper that he is, we follow him right over the edge of the cliff. He has been the Forger of the Iron Pigs, the Fearless Farmer of the Flying Cows, & the (Crazy Rabid) Squirrel Whisperer. He has left some really big shoes for all other youth coaches to fill - bigger than the enormous footprints of Bigfoot! He led the Kicking Mules to some Kick-Ass victories. And is the Master Chef behind the Fried Chickens.

These past six New England winters have been anything but bleak with Pat leading the charge. Traditional town named teams were abandoned, and the themed teams took over. One team led to the next - and the kids, now older teenagers, kept playing for him. The typical ‘kid’ run team was easily abandoned and they all became ‘fried chickens’ for their last senior year hurrah together. Wins and losses were never what mattered but how much fun was had was the measure of success. Pat certainly made sure it was fun. Player prizes grew more and more insane as time went on. The crazy wall hangings, mugs, and clothing that came into players lives raised the bar for Coach’s gifts - leading to this moment!

Thank You Coach Pat! Each player and all of their families have enjoyed being part of your various Football Clubs. Simple ‘Thank You’s’ did not seem adequate. Dedicating a day to you seemed a small way to show our appreciation and small attempt at matching some of your insanity...

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