Arizona State Registry
- March 07, 2015

This day has been dedicated to:

Alexis & Paul Zyskowski

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Paul & Alexis Zyskowski Wedding Day

Date: March 07, 2015

Owner: Alexis & Paul Zyskowski

Purchased By: Alexis Zyskowski

Why this day is important:

I hold this day special to my heart because I married my very best friend, lover, companion, partner and protector.

Paul, you are beyond the best thing that has ever happened to my life. I appreciate and respect you above all others. Your faithfulness and loyalty to our love is truly exceptional and my devotion to you is everlasting. I am so grateful for the peace that you provide to my soul and we are eternally blessed to have each other now more than ever.

I love you more and I thank you for my life by dedicating this first year anniversary of our day and our love to always have and celebrate our commitment to each other.

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