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September 01, 2013 has

been dedicated to:

Phillip And Janice Stager

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Phillip & Janice Stager's 1st Wedding Anniversary

Date : September 01, 2013

Owner : Phillip And Janice Stager

Purchased By : Janice Stager

Why This Day Is Important :

On this day, September 1, one year ago, I said I do to the man I believed God had created for me. I promised to love him with the kind of love only God can give. Nothing can separate us... we may drift apart but nothing will separate us. My love for you, Phillip, is as strong as it was one year ago. I thank God for the broken road that lead me to you... and will forever cherish dancing on the minefields with you. It has not been easy... nobody said it would. I please know this: together forever is the only option. Whatever it takes...

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