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October 27, 2016 has

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Change Reality Day

Date : October 27, 2016

Owner : All of Humanity

Purchased By : Audrey Simpson-Campbell

Why This Day Is Important :

This is the day I ask all people to consider the quality of their pre-dominant thoughts, how these thoughts are shaping their reality and how they can create a better reality by improving the quality of their thoughts and intentions.

Our unique experience of life to date is responsible for our perspective, attitudes, perceived abilities and mental blocks. These experiences are created in part as a result of the conscious and unconscious messages we are surrounded by, including body language, tone of voice, facial expressions. Many of our perceived limitations are imaginary and impermanent and once we become aware of the illusion of these imagined limitations, they can be eliminated, opening up possibilities that we never before considered possible. It is the gift of every human being to create, to invent and to make thoughts and ideas into physical reality.

Words alone can change reality and one person can impact the lives of millions for the better.

This day is a call to expand the consciousness of every “awakening” human to realize and reclaim their own inherent power and capacity to influence reality in a positive way, to the benefit of all humanity.

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