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September 27, 2014 has

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Nathan & Lauren Palmer

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Nathan & Lauren Palmer's Wedding Day

Date : September 27, 2014

Owner : Nathan & Lauren Palmer

Purchased By : Alison Martin & Benjamin Van Rijn

Why This Day Is Important :

This day celebrates the marriage of Nathan Palmer to Lauren Martin, now Palmer.

I wanted to do something special not only for my sister, but for someone who has been apart of my family for over 10 years.

This day, September 27th 2014, is now yours, and only yours forever. I knew this gift had to be unique for the both of you, I didn't want to give a generic gift to a couple I care for so deeply. Ben and I decided together that it made the most sense for us to purchase your day in the Worldwide Registry.

You own this day - it's yours! Celebrate and love one another always.

Alison & Ben

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