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January 24, 2015 has

been dedicated to:

Anthony & Ashley Gutierrez

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Anthony & Ashley Gutierrez's Wedding Day

Date : January 24, 2015

Owner : Anthony & Ashley Gutierrez

Purchased By : Ashley Gutierrez

Why This Day Is Important :

This day is very special to my heart because this is the day I married my soulmate, Anthony Gutierrez. Anthony you are an amazing, kind-hearted, ambitious, humorous, faithful, committed, and one of a kind. Every single day I wake up laying next to you and realize how lucky I am to be able to say I am your wife and get to tell you how much I love you. Our first year of being a married couple had its up and downs, but that is what makes a marriage beautiful. It is not prefect nor easy, but our love for one another is real and will always persevere. With that said, I wanted to get you something special for our first anniversary. I have dedicated this day to us and our love. This day will always be a reminder of our love and commitment to one another until death do us part. Happy One Year Anniversary! Love you always and forever!

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