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January 20, 2012 has

been dedicated to:

Alicen Collins

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For Kicking Cancer's Ass, Alicen Collins

Date : January 20, 2012

Owner : Alicen Collins

Purchased By : Chelsea Gutierrez, Christine Knowles, Randall Turk, Dionne Cunningham, and Ryan Montville

Why This Day Is Important :

This day is important because it recognizes that Alicen Collins overcame her battle with cancer.

September 2011, Alicen came down with sudden and very suspicious bruises. That's how it all started.

Only Alicen can tell you all of the feelings she had and the pain she went through. But she powered through all the tests and chemo and whatever else she had to endure. And that's how it all ended.

Here's to you Alicen for being a very strong and brave individual. You are truly a role model and an inspiration.

Congratulations and much love!

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