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June 18, 2015 has

been dedicated to:

Don & Gayle Martin

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Celebrating Donnie Martin

Date : June 18, 2015

Owner : Don & Gayle Martin

Purchased By : Max Kornek

Why This Day Is Important :

Donnie, the man, was critically injured in a weather related car accident on June 10, 2015, in Melbourne, Fla. We were told on June 15, that Donnie's injuries were not survivable and that he was gone. We sat vigil with his body after that, working with transplant teams so that some other family could have the miracle we did not get. His body was removed from life support and expired early in the morning on June 18.

It's been a year. A year of sadness and struggle for all of us. There's been joy and hope as James and Brooks got back on their feet and fought their way to their new lives.

There's been grief and laughter, and so much love and friendship. Let's mark this anniversary by celebrating Donnie's life. We've dedicated this day for us to note things we've done to commemorate a life well lived-spontaneous trips and adventures, a hand reached out in friendship, a random act of kindness, a toast with cheap champagne..let's remember Donnie and Anastasia with love and joy. Take minute and let us know what's popped into your day that reminds you of Donnie, or something you've done in their honor.

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