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April 06, 2013 has

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Bobby & Traci Enstrom

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Bobby & Traci Wedding Day

Date : April 06, 2013

Owner : Bobby & Traci Enstrom

Purchased By : Traci Enstrom

Why This Day Is Important :

April 6, 2013 you and I officially became one, with our family and close friends by our side. What a year it has been! Shortly after our 1st wedding day we were off for 5 beautiful days in Costa Rica, we considered this our Honeymoon and I am pretty sure everyone around else felt the same way. After this trip we started looking at purchasing our first home together as husband and wife, the ups and downs and excitement were torturous. Finally after what felt like forever we bought a home in Ravenna. Moving day was yet another challenge... yet we were so excited we didn't care and powered through that long hot day! In the midst of all this we were planning our "dream" wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico, again with family by our sides. This time with our children (at least two of them) standing up for us. It was another magical moment in our love story. The things we have overcome together are something truly special and I look forward to seeing how much more we can accomplish together as the team we have become! Happy Anniversary Bobby!

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