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March 15, 2008 has

been dedicated to:

Mark J. & Alice K. Rich

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Mark & Alice Rich's Wedding Day

Date : March 15, 2008

Owner : Mark J. & Alice K. Rich

Purchased By : Alice Rich

Why This Day Is Important :

This is the day that Mark and Alice were finally married. This is their day and no one can take it away from them.

We were married in the chapel at Akron City Hospital (ACH). We met while we were both working at ACH so the chapel there seemed to be a logical place to get married. It was small and quaint and very romantic. It was just us, the minister, and Lesa who was pretty much the maid of honor, florist, and photographer. We had a big part in planning our vows which was so nice; this way we could include vows about our children in with our own.

Following our ceremony and a few pictures, we went to Hyde Park for the most wonderful, romantic dinner ever. Honestly, it was the most romantic dinner ever. Later we celebrated with a few friends then spent the night at a nice hotel complete with hot tub.

This is our day

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