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February 26, 2013 has

been dedicated to:

Rachel De La Paz

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Rachel & William's Anniversary

Date : February 26, 2013

Owner : Rachel De La Paz

Purchased By : William De La Paz

Why This Day Is Important :

On February 26th 2013,

I invited Rachel's family, including hermother, Martha Robbins, father Bob Robbins, and Rachel's 3 children, Mikayla-11, Micah-7 and Madison-6 and hergrandparents, Joel and Brenda. On my side I invited my mom, Linda De La Paz, father,Freddy De La Paz, and brother Matthew De La Paz.

I called the Mexican Restaurant, Campuzano, and arranged to have the same table that Rachel and I had for our first date. I arranged to have our favoritesong played over the speaker system while the children read a poem that I wrote to her. Isat next to Rachel, and the children were sitting across the table from us, as we allread the final line of the poem. I knelt down, and while looking into Rachel's eyes, I pulled the ring box out of my pocket; as I opened the box, I asked Rachel to marry me. Rachel smiled and happily said “yes.” The restaurant then turned off the lights for amoment and then turned them back on. Everyone in the family and other people in the restaurant clapped. We then ordered our food and ate together as a new big family. We took a lot of pictures and made a video as well. This became the happiest day of my life; when I found out I cou

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