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January 28, 2008 has

been dedicated to:

Michael Panczner

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Hubby Day

Date : January 28, 2008

Owner : Michael Panczner

Purchased By : Kyle Bredbenner

Why This Day Is Important :

Each new day brings with it a promise. For us, the day we became a couple, we hoped for a promise of loving someone unconditionally and being loved in return. Each year, we remember that first day as our "Hubby Day," because love became more than just a promise, it became our reality. That day brought us together and all that has happened since has kept us together, which is why we celebrate our love today. We remember our journey, reflecting back on the hills and valleys that we have conquered, confirming our commitment to each other and allowing us a glimpse into our future. We continue on this journey with the hope that this love will last as we celebrate another year passed and another promise made.

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