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May 18, 2013 has

been dedicated to:

Darren & Becky Teverson

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Darren & Becky Teverson's Wedding Day

Date : May 18, 2013

Owner : Darren & Becky Teverson

Purchased By : Becky Teverson

Why This Day Is Important :

This day is important to me because it is the day I had been waiting for all my life. The day when the man I had been waiting for made me the happiest girl alive and took my hand, placed a ring on my finger and we were pronounced 'husband and wife' :-)

From the first moment that I saw his picture - I just knew that it was 'him'. That he was the man I had been waiting for all my life. I knew with absolute certainty that I was meant to marry him from that first moment. Up till that moment I had never believed in love at first sight - but then I saw him and it wasn't love at that moment but something so much bigger and deep within my soul - it was just the sense of 'knowing'. That Darren was the man meant for me and I for him. A peace, an excitement and a joy that finally God's plan was being revealed over our lives :-)

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