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July 04, 2015 has

been dedicated to:

Rafael Angel Acevedo

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Date : July 04, 2015

Owner : Rafael Angel Acevedo

Purchased By : His daughters and sisters

Why This Day Is Important :

Papi/Our brother passed away suddenly, 3 days after his 50th birthday. He was always the life of the party or any gathering. This day is important because the 4th is the number of his birthday, he was always a short "fire cracker" full of life, always the center of attention, just like fireworks, and loved a celebration.

We plan to honor and dedicate this day to him by starting a family tradition of an annual family picnic in celebrating his life on R ACEV 2 day! He was/is a HUGE loss and will forever be missed but will always be remembered and carried in our hearts! We love you!

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